What Laws Protect you ?
There are many State and federal laws that's protect your rights. The most important law to know is the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) The ADA protects you from being excluded from a program or Denied Services state and two programs and services, employment, transportation and other types of activities.
What are rights & Freedoms ?
Rights and freedoms are yours because you are American and a Connecticut Citizen. Rights are things the law says you have- " they are things you can do. "
What rights do you have ?
* You have a right to dignity and good care. when people treat you with dignity, they respect you .
* You have the right to privacy .... privacy to decide for yourself what you want to share and with whom . you do not have to share what is personal.
* You have the right to be alone.
* You have the right to attend the church or synagogue of your choice.
* You have the right to have friends .
* You have the right to be free from harm and to have a safe and comfortable place to live.
* Y have the right to get services and support in the community
What Opportunities do you have in Connecticut and America ?
You can work with others to learn about your rights. You can participate in community activities. 
You have the right to make choices.