About Us 
     people first of Connecticut was founded in 1983 and is a legal nonprofit corporation.         The original goals were to close southbury training school, advocate for the right for meaningful jobs, to close sheltered workshops, expand self determination, and assure that all people, regardless of ability or disability be treated with dignity and respect .
over the years we have seen many changes. people with disabilities are learning our rights and speaking up for ourselves. we are living more independently and taking advantage of our rights and responsibilities.
people first of CT is especially proud of two things we, along with two other human rights agencies , sued the state of ct over the treatment of people at southbury training school, also we fought very hard and were successful in getting CT DMR to get rid of the " R Word "
and change its name to the Department of Developmental Services !   our current goals are similar to the ones we started with more than 20 years ago.  we are advocating for closing sheltered workshops, educating the public about people with disabilities and educating people who have disabilities about their rights and how to speak up for themselves


Meet Our Board Of Directors 2016-2017



-Advisor Larissa Gionfriddo




Nick Glomb, President 

Mike Ruzzi, Vice President 






 Varian Salter ,Treasurer
































Quinton Hughes III,  Secretary